Learn Piano

1. First steps

Our piano lessons for beginners start off with orientating yourself properly with the keyboard. The C position is the most common position for playing simple melodies, and is the groundwork for any new piano beginner. In your first piano lesson, you will learn the beginners version of Beethoven’s classic, “Ode to Joy”, based on the C position.


2. Easy songs for the right hand

In this second piano lesson for beginners, you will master the C position from your right hand. Timeless classics such as “When the Saints Go Marching In”, and “Jingle Bells” are learned to help solidify your knowledge as a beginner.


3. Playing with the left hand

As soon as you can play basic melodies with your right hand you are ready to focus on your left hand. There is also a C position for the left hand that starts one octave below the middle C, and in this third piano lesson for beginners, you will learn this along with Elvis Presley’s hit single “Love Me Tender”.


4. Intro to reading sheet music

Learn the names of keys and the basics of musical notation in this piano lesson. Reading sheet music is the foundation to understanding the piano. There are only 7 keys that you need to know and in this piano lesson for beginners you will be introduced to them all at a smooth pace. Practice in several lessons keys from C to G and G to F for the right hand, as well as reading music properly with your right hand. Seven interactive exercises are geared for piano beginners to train your music reading skills.


5. Playing with both hands

Get step-by-step introduction to practicing and playing with both hands, as well as hand independence. Simple introductory exercises get you acclimated with playing both with two hands. Coordination and hand independence is essential in taking the next steps as a beginner piano player, and after this piano lesson you will be able to play “Ode to Joy” with both hands with confidence.


6. The C Major Chord

Playing several notes at a time is called a chord, and in this piano lesson for beginners, you will learn the C major chord which consists of the C, E, and G keys. Learn new chord versions of songs already practiced throughout the course, and gain more familiarity with the C major chord.


7. Three popular chords

Take your skills to the next level, and learn three popular piano chords – the A minor chord, F major chord, and G major chord. Three interactive exercises are part of this lesson so that you learn and practice the chord fingering for each one, concluding in playing a famous pop song.


8. Intro to chord accompaniment

Understand chord accompaniment with world famous “let it Be” by The Beatles. After completing three interactive exercises from this beginner lesson you will be able to handle many chord accompaniments going forward with ease.


9. Playing melodies of popular songs

Learn essential playing techniques to master famous melodies with your right hand such as key jumping and rolling your wrist in order to reach the further away keys efficiently. After learning these essential techniques you are ready to learn Elton John’s famous “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, as well as Coldplay’s “Clocks” and many more.


10. Special training: How to play faster

In the last piano lesson for beginners, you will learn how to play the piano faster through the practice of crossing of your fingers, to play progressions smoothly. By learning the technique of passing your thumb under your hand, you will be able to play faster with both hands without causing stress on your wrist. Finish the course by playing Phil Collins classic “Another Day in Paradise” and start showing off to friends and family.


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